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Jumbo-90 Briquetting Machine:

The most exceptional and flagship product of our company is jumbo-90 Briquetting machine. This model is made with ultra modern technology and launched by us in 1997 first time in Asia. This model is perfect where availability of raw material is higher.

Advantages of Jumbo-90 Briquetting Machine:

  • Maximum production ability
  • Up to 25mm size of raw material no need to grind raw material
  • Heavy structure with standard design
  • Easy operating system
  • Lower maintenance cost so one can avoid supervision cost

Hence we can say that jumbo-90 Briquetting machine is only able to make briquettes.


Super-70 Briquette Press Machine:


Super -70 model first launched by us and from this machine our journey starts in the field of Briquetting press machine. This machine having technological advancement and perfect where availability of raw material is medium. This model is supported by various machines like hammer mill, crusher and flash air dryer. And production capacity of Briquetting machine is 750KG/HR.

The Super-70 Briquettingpress machine is embedded with a hammer mill to make raw material in powder form. The production capacity of this model is 750 KG/hour and power requirement is 49 HP.

Benefits of Super-70 Briquettingpress machine:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Made with latest technology
  • Super-60 needs hammer mill for the raw material to convert raw material in powder form whereas super-70 Briquetting machine does not require any other machine
  • This machine is technically innovative so does not require constant supervision