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Biomass Briquette Plant

ANew Concept To Convert Waste Into Gold

Briquette plant is totally new concept to convert waste into gold. No one can imagine a world without fuel so it is a prime need for any industry. And each industry is using black coal for manufacturing purpose so how can we create a green world that is a big question mark? So let’s understand how briquettes are the best alternative. And it is manufactured with the latest technology and will help us to create a pollution free environment.

What is Briquette plant?

Briquetting plant is also known as renewable project because it converts waste into briquettes. All agriculture, industrial and forestry waste collected and compressed under high pressure without using chemical or ash. That is why it is binder less technology. As demand for energy is increasing day by day and supply of natural sources is limited so only that sources cannot meet such a large demand.

But Briquetting plant is renewable and greener project it converts waste into briquettes and replace black coal, lignite and other fossil sources. And the government also provides a special incentive who wants to install their own Briquetting plant.

Benefits of Briquetting Plant:

This project offers unusual benefits which are mentioned below:
  1. As economical source and best alternative to produce heat.
  2. Demand of briquettes rising due to rise in the prices of fossil fuels.
  3. Tax benefits and other incentives offered by Gov.
  4. Due to eco-friendly project no need for licensing.
  5. Contain high density and high burning efficiency as compared to black coal.
  6. Farmers can earn revenue through sell out of waste.

Special privileges offered By government:

  1. 80% Depreciation:
    The total value of plant and Machinery is allowed to be depreciated in the first year.
  2. Excise Exemption:
    As Briquettes are pollution free product so it is exempt from excise duty.
  3. Sales Tax :
    Some States have relieved solid fuel briquette from sales Tax.
  4. Benefits of Income Tax
    100% INCOME TAX exemption for first five years under section 50 JJA clause 51